State Reporting Forms

TD-1 Annual Data Report, (July 2019)
TD-1 Annual Data Report Instructions

TD-2 School Bus Passenger Report Bus Summary
(Instructions for the TD-2 are included in the spreadsheet)

TD-2R Bus Driver Salary and Route Times Report

TD-19 Monthly Reportof director of Transportation Amount to be Refunded to StatePublic School Fund from Local Funds

TD-24 Contract Transportation Report

TD-25 School Bus Accident Report

School Bus Accident – Injury Reporting to NCDPI

TD-25 School Bus Accident Report (doc)

Bus Driver Salary Agreement Forms and Instructions

Bus Driver Salary Deficit Adjustment Form (2006)

Drug Testing Form (Dec. 2005)

Yellow School Bus Refund Rate Calculator (Sept. 2015)

NC State Forms

Wrecker Overweight Permit

Surplus Sale Forms pdf

Guidance - Disposal of Property (January 2015)

Emergency Response Training - Use of Surplus Bus

TD-E4 Vehicle Sale Request Form (June 2010)

TD-6M Local Scrap Metal Sale Form

Colony -Surplus Tire Pickup Form - Eastern Counties (Nov 2015)

Killys -Surplus Tire Pickup Form - Western Counties (Nov 2015)

Scrap Tire Certification Form

Scrap Tire Certification Form-Tire Types

TD-6B Bus Sale Form

School Bus Maintenance Forms

TD-21 Inventory Receipt Report

TD-21 Inventory Receipt Report
(with Automated Unit Price Calculation)

TD-28D Bus Driver Sign-In

TD-28R Reported Defects Log

TD-28S Service Call Log

TD-27 Spare Vehicle Assignment


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