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NC Laws and Policies (continued)


DWI Vehicle Seizure Laws

20‑28.3 Seizure, impoundment, forfeiture of motor vehicles for offenses involving impaired driving while license revoked or without license and insurance.

20‑28.4 Release of impounded motor vehicles by judge.

20‑28.5 Forfeiture of impounded motor vehicle or funds.

20‑28.6 Repealed by Session Laws 1998‑182, s. 6 effective December 1, 1998, and applicable to offenses committed, contracts entered, and motor vehicles seized on or after that date.

20‑28.7 Responsibility of Division of Motor Vehicles

20‑28.8 Reports to the Division.

20‑28.9 Authority for the Department of Public Instruction to administer a statewide or regional towing, storage, and sales program for driving while impaired vehicles forfeited.

Annual Reports

2009-2010 Annual DWI Vehicle Seizure Report


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