Transportation Director's Manual

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NC BUS FLEET – Maintenance Manual and Excerpts:

Approved by the State Board of Education, 2011

NC BUS FLEET, North Carolina Fleet Maintenance Manual (March 2011)
Vehicles (Purchase, Replacement, Modification, etc) - Click HERE for on-line version of this section
Preventive Maintenance
30 Day Inspections
School Bus 30 Day Inspection Video(Windows Media Player)

Additional Preventive Maintenance Information:

Time-Based Wrecker Preventive Maintenance
Time-Based Fuel Truck Preventive Maintenance
Type-A Bus Preventive Maintenance

Prior Manual Versions:

School Bus Inspection Manual - (Jan. 2005)
School Bus Inspection Manual - (Oct. 2004)
School Bus Inspection Manual - (Jun. 2000)
NC BUS FLEET (adopted by State Board of Education, June, 2006)
Preventive Maintenance and Vehicle Replacement Manual (adopted by State Board of Education, June 1997)

Special Needs Require Special Care II
A Guide for the Transportation of Preschoolers and Children with Disabilities for North Carolina Public Schools (June 2008)

Allotment Policy Manual

Motorcoach Recommended Guidelines and Procedures