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North Carolina Loves the Bus!

Event Listing for Love the Bus 2012

For more information on Love the Bus 2012 in North Carolina, contact:

Derek Graham, Section Chief
Transportation Services
NC Dept. of Public Instruction
(919) 807-3571

Event Date(s) County School Contact Person Event Details
2/20/2012 Alexander County East Alexander Middle Mike Sherrill Classes will adopt drivers and fill gift baskets with donations
2/14/2012 Asheboro City Schools Central Office Rebecca Brewer Appreciation luncheon
2/14/2012 Brunswick County Town Creek Elementary Ms. Walker Constantinesco "Love the Bus Driver" breakfast at 7am
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Cherokee County All district schools Teresa Hayes Week long celebration.  There will be an appreciation breakfast.  Bulletin boards, posters and valentines will be prepared for drivers.  Drivers, monitors and bus garage personnel will receive goodie bags
2/17/2012 Cumberland County Schools Chestnutt Middle Michael Bain Doughnuts and coffee provided for drivers upon return of morning route
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Cumberland County Schools Cumberland Road Elementary Roderick Mason 2/13 Drivers will receive hats, gloves and scarves; 2/14 Drivers will be treated to breakfast; 2/15 "Wear Your Love With Pride"- Students, teachers and staff asked to wear yellow, red or pink in appreciation; 2/15 Reception for drivers (12:45); 2/17 "Pack the Bus With Love"- Staff members will ride along with the drivers during morning and afternoon routes.  All Week- Halls will be decorated with appreciation posters and banners created by the students, students will be treating the drivers to candy gift bags, special afternoon announcements will include bus trivia, and drawings will be held for small gifts.
2/17/2012 Cumberland County Schools Lake Rim Elementary Pamela Suzanne Horton Appreciation luncheon and gift for drivers
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Cumberland County Schools Lewis Chapel Middle School Lashanda Carver-Moore Drivers will receive treats throughout the week. Monday:  Muffins and juice; Tuesday: Individual Valentine red velvet cakes; Wednesday: Chips and Drinks; Thursday: Lunch boxes; Friday: Basket of Goodies
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Cumberland County Schools Morganton Road Elementary Kailey Hill Monday: Bagels and juice/water provided to drivers; Tuesday: "I love Bus Drivers"- small token of appreciation will be distributed to drivers; Wednesday: Parade for drivers at 2:45 and posters will be presented to drivers; Thursday: Drivers will be serenaded with a tribute in song; Friday: "Bus Drivers are SOUPER"- Bus drivers will be treated to soup as part of Pot Luck Soup Day
2/17/2012 Cumberland County Schools Westover High and Westover Middle Earnie Gillespie and Tanya Johnson Drivers will be treated to breakfast.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Dare County Schools Cape Hatteras Elementary School Diane Brown Students will be writing or making cards for presentation to the drivers.  Kindergarten: making cards about bus drivers keeping them safe; First grade: writing stories that the describe the bus driver; Third grade: writing poetry for drivers; Fourth grade: making silhouette posters to be displayed throughout the building; Fifth grade: making cards for drivers.  There will be a "love the bus" theme on the WCHE television morning show throughout the week.  The marquee at school will proudly display, "We love our drivers!".
2/13/2012 Dare County Schools First Flight Elementary Debbie Shepheard Student-led breakfast for drivers and monitors at 8:30 am
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Dare County Schools First Flight High School Ray Scott Drivers will receive a special treat each day.  Monday: Bus Driver Survival Kits; Tuesday: A bottle of water and nabs; Wednesday: Valentine Card; Thursday: Thank you cards; Friday: A box of candy.  There will also be a special thank you message posted on the marquee.
2/13/2012 Dare County Schools First Flight Middle Tim Albert Appreciation breakfast   
2/14/2012 Dare County Schools Manteo Elementary Lisa Colvin Appreciation breakfast and cards for drivers
2/3/2012 Dare County Schools Manteo High Medine Lee Appreciation cards will be presented to drivers
2/14/2012 Dare County Schools Nags Head Elementary Freda Ballard Appreciation luncheon and cards for the drivers
2/16/2012 Gates County Schools Central Office Janet Mizelle Appreciation breakfast will be held at 9am at Gatesville Baptist Church
NA Guilford County Schools Bessemer Elementary Mary Black EC students making things to give to drivers and safety assistants
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Guilford County Schools District Office Leonard Simpson Running an appreciation message on GCSTV2
NA Guilford County Schools Gibsonville Elementary Jessica Bohn Art class making cards for drivers
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Guilford County Schools McLeansville Elementary Chelle Bundy Drivers will receive appreciation gifts
NA Guilford County Schools Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary Benita Lawrence Making cards with candy to give to the drivers and safety assistants
NA Guilford County Schools Shadybrook Elementary April Conley Students are making cards and writing letters to drivers.  Breakfast sandwiches one day, coffee, and treat throughout the week.
2/13/2012-2/15/2012 Guilford County Schools Southern Guilford Middle School Christa Parrish Coffee and Muffins; Student-made "Thank You" cards to drivers; snacks and drinks for drivers in the afternoon
2/13/2012 Johnston County Schools Benson Elementary Gary Rideout The administration will be taking the drivers to Cracker Barrel for a special breakfast.
2/14/2012 Johnston County Schools Cleveland Elementary Christie Turner Floating breakfast with heart shaped donuts to honor the drivers and students and parents will be making cards and presenting them to the drivers.  
2/13/2012 Johnston County Schools Four Oaks Elementary Kathy Parrish Drivers will be having a special snack and view a special movie/slideshow of the drivers doing their job throughout the year.
2/13/12-2/17/12 Johnston County Schools Glen-Dale Kenly Elementary Andrea Jones  Monday:  small treat
Tuesday:  Valentine's Day (Pass out cards with small treat)
Wednesday:  Serving breakfast and take pictures with the banners that were made for the drivers and passing out a treat bag with lip balm and lotion
Thursday:  Sending out an email to all drivers to show appreciation
Friday:  Serving Cookies and hot chocolate
2/13/12-2/17/12 Johnston County Schools Micro-Pine Level Joanne Kalsch Monday  - the Bus Driver Wall of Fame will be erected/ Safety Posters, Tuesday-Valentines from the students, Wednesday- Treat bags and Friday- Donuts/cookies/Juice at the monthly safety meeting.
2/13/12-2/17/12 Johnston County Schools Polenta Susan Jones Polenta will have students make cards.  These will then be distributed throughout the week to drivers. Drivers will also receive a special treat each day with a pk of extra gum that has  a special saying each day such as,  "You always go the extra mile for our students."  Thursday at the monthly safety meeting the drivers will be served hot chocolate/coffee, heart shaped donuts, and a Kindergarten class will start the meeting singing to the drivers the "Wheels On the Bus" then a different kindergarten class will perform a poem/skit/presentation to honor the bus drivers.
2/15/2012 Johnston County Schools Selma Middle Shelley Legall-Brickey Biscuits, cards and a flower will be given to the drivers.
2/13/12-2/17/12 Johnston County Schools South Campus James Spence Monday- Water/Cookie, Tuesday- Valentine Candy, Wednesday-Fruit, Thursday- Candy Bars and Friday- Cake served
2/14/2012 Johnston County Schools Transportation Services Billy Sugg Transportation Services will have special guests to visit Cleveland Elementary, West View and Selma Elementary giving the drivers candy/cookies and recognizing their importance as outstanding bus drivers.  Special appearance from Mr. Jake Jacobs, Chief Operation Officer, Johnston County Schools, Phil Loflin-Carolina Thomas, Mike Adams – Southeast District Sales Manager for Thomas Built Buses
Ronnie Cobb – Regional Service Manager for Thomas Built Buses
2/13/2012 Johnston County Schools West Clayton Elementary Candace Westbrook Breakfast to honor the bus drivers.
2/13/12-2/15/12 Johnston County Schools West Smithfield Elementary Janet Pope Monday the school will serve the drivers donuts. Tuesday the students will make cards and give to the drivers and Wednesday the school will serve biscuits to the drivers.
2/10/2012 Johnston County Schools West View Elementary Candice Robinson Breakfast for bus drivers to kick off Feb. 13- Feb. 17. During the week the drivers will receive cards from students and will receive a daily surprise.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Martin County Schools EJ Hayes/Williamston Primary Hank Tice 2/14 Valentine cards will be presented by the second grade class; 2/15 EJ Hayes will provide breakfast to the drivers; 2/16 Bags of candy will be distributed to all of the drivers; 2/17 Williamston Primary will provide breakfast for the drivers
2/13/2012-2/15/2012 Martin County Schools Riverside Alan Hagan 2/13 Banners and cookie cake prepared by FBLA and foods class; 2/14 Cheese biscuits and sausage dogs provided by the Key Club; 2/15 Doughnuts and coffee provided by administrators.
2/17/2012 Moore County Schools Central Office Charles McDowell All drivers and assistants will receive "Love the Bus" cards.
2/16/2012 Moore County Schools Pinehurst Elementary Charles McDowell Buster the Bus presentation from 9:30 until 10:00
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Mooresville Graded School District East Mooresville Intermediate School Chuck LaRusso Students will be producing a "news style" interview show.  Interviews with drivers will be shown daily.  T-shirts will be made for drivers and students will sign as they come in to art class during the week. Drivers may also be given artwork from the students.
2/14/2012-2/17/2012 Mooresville Graded School District Mooresville High Michael Royal Snacks will be provided on 2/14 and 2/15; Lunch will be provided on 2/17
2/14/2012 Mooresville Graded School District Park View Elementary Lenoa Great Smith 3:10 to 3:30, Drivers will be awarded certificates, gifts and cards from students
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Perquimans County Schools Hertford Grammar School Starr Stepney Drivers will receive daily treats.  On Friday, drivers will also receive a certificate of recognition
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Perquimans County Schools Perquimans Central School Michelle White Several events are planned.  Drivers will be honored at a recognition breakfast.  Students will make and present cards to drivers.  Drivers will receive daily treats, and "Buster" the bus will be featured at a special school assembly.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Perquimans County Schools Perquimans High School Tammy Boone An Imovie will be shown to the drivers.  They will also be presented with certificates and gift bags on various days of the week.  Bus drivers will be treated to lunch on Friday.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Perquimans County Schools Perquimans Middle School Bonita Jones Drivers will receive daily snacks all week.  They will also be served breakfast on Wednesday.
2/20/2012 Pitt County Schools Central Office Heather Mayo The school system will hold a Bus Driver Appreciation Reception for all bus drivers.  School board members, administrators and other district personnel will be in attendance to honor the drivers.
2/14/2012 Scotland County Schools Covington Street Elementary  Chuck Dulin Children will make Valentine cards or write notes to their drivers.  The children will present these cards, letters and goodies to their bus drivers on Valentine's Day
2/14/2012-2/16/2012 Scotland County Schools Laurel Hill Elementary Angie Gallagher 2/14 Breakfast for Drivers, 2/15 Present cards and posters to drivers (2:10pm), 2/16 Present treat bags to drivers
2/14/2012-2/17/2012 Scotland County Schools Wagram Elementary Debbie Roller Drivers received thank yous, appreciation gift bags and a gas card.  Pictures were taken with a a bus replica made by the art teacher and signed by the students at Wagram.
2/17/2012 Scotland County Schools Washington Park Elementary Chuck Dulin Students will bring valentines, write notes or letters and bring goodies to fill a gift bag for each driver.
2/13/2012-2/16/2012 Surry County Schools Flat Rock Elementary Rodney Hardy 2/13 Bus Drivers will receive a Wal-Mart gift card for purchases of their choice; 2/14 Drivers will receive candy and homemade valentines from the students; 2/15 Breakfast will be served after morning routes; 2/16 Classes are creating video clips to be compiled into a movie.  Movie will be shown in the afternoon.  Bus drivers will each receive a copy of the movie, along with a goodie box
2/13/2012-2/16/2012 Surry County Schools White Plains Elementary Amber Flippen Monday: Breakfast for the drivers; Tuesday: Bus riders will distribute Valentine cards to the drivers; Wednesday: Buy One, Get One Free restaurant cards will be distributed to the drivers; Thursday: Fruit baskets will be provided for drivers.
2/14/2012 Swain County Schools Central Office Bill Reynolds Drivers will be honored at an appreciation breakfast at 8:10am.  Each driver will be presented with a "Love the Bus" certificate.  Swain Middle School will provide posters at the breakfast and West Elementary will present cards to the drivers as they load in the afternoon.
2/17/2012 Washington County Schools All district schools Wesley Stokes Drivers will be served breakfast and they will be treated to special presentations
2/14/2012 Wilkes County C.C. Wright Elementary Kelly Caron School will honor bus drivers with certificates from Love the Bus and letters/graphic art from students.  Drivers will have a celebratory event with teachers, administrators and parents.
2/14/2012 Wilson County Schools Central Office Amber Whitley All bus drivers received thank you letters from students and a "Love the  Bus" certificate.  
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Ashley Elementary Alicia Bailey Drivers will receive gift/goodie bags and cards.
2/13/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Atkins High School Mary Fowler An appreciation breakfast will be held.  Banners will be prepared and drivers will receive cards of appreciation.
2/14/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Bolton Elementary Candice Johnson Bus drivers received breakfast biscuits, an appreciation bag filled with cookies, and other goodies donated by retailers.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Brunson Elementary Andy Lester-Niles Bus safety and driver appreciation will be promoted during morning announcements and drivers will receive a special treat on Friday. Dr. June Atkinson will ride our buses on Wednesday and celebrate our drivers' safety record.
2/15/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Caleb's Creek Elementary Judy Jones Bus driver appreciation breakfast and a variety of other events
2/14/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Carter High  Donna Horton Drivers will receive embossed mugs.  Lips with sweet messages will be posted on each window.  Students will prepare portraits of each driver and phone tree messages will be sent to parents.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Carver High Michael Mack No details provided
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Cash Elementary School Samantha Manring Drivers will receive special treats daily.  Students will make posters to be hung outside at the bus lot, and they will make a scrapbook of reasons why they love their bus driver.
2/15/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Clemmons Elementary Bob Vorbroker Bus driver appreciation breakfast and a variety of other events will be held
2/20/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Clemmons Middle School Michael McCarthy Drivers will receive special thank you notes prepared by students from the Friends of Rachel (FOR) club
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Cook Elementary School Facilia Fuller Students will be drawing pictures and writing letters to bus drivers during the week.  School bus rules and safety will be reviewed as well.  On either Wednesday or Friday, doughnuts and coffee will be served to drivers.
2/14/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Diggs-Latham Elementary Donna Cannon Bus drivers will receive a treat and a thank you.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools East Forsyth High Scott Munsie Cookies will be distributed to bus drivers through the "Rachel's Challenge" campaign of good deeds to others.  The Family and Consumer Sciences class is also creating gift bags to be distributed to drivers.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools East Forsyth Middle Deb Smith Drivers will receive a note of thanks and a gift bag filled with special treats
2/14/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Flat Rock Middle School Kenyatta Bennett Drivers will receive special lanyards.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Forest Park Elementary Norma White Students will prepare treat bags for AM and PM buses
2/15/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Gibson Elementary Cindy Snipes Drivers will receive special treats from staff.  They will also receive cards made by students.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Glenn High Sue Harvey Bus drivers will receive sausage biscuits in the am (8:15-8:50am) and candy in the pm (3:40-4:15pm)
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Hall-Woodward Elementary School of Communication Kenneth Jordan Drivers will be presented with goodie bags and student cards expressing their appreciation for bus drivers keeping them safe.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Hill Magnet Middle School Steve Motsinger Students in each grade level while in language arts will be asked to write letters that acknowledge the deep appreciation that our students hold for their drivers.  These letters will be presented to the individual drivers along with various treats during the week.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Ibraham Elementary Tammy Johnson Bus drivers will be served cocoa, treats and other goodies at our "goodies bar" after their morning routes.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Jefferson Elementary Ken Hartley Drivers will receive breakfast and coffee in the morning, and they will receive a "survival" treat in the afternoon.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools John F. Kennedy High School Kay Rogers the SGA will distribute treat bags to drivers one day this week.  Students in the English classes are writing thank you notes to the drivers.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Kernersville Elementary Deborah Grace Drivers will receive various treats and cards of appreciation
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Kernersville Middle School James Philippart Drivers will receive Kernersville Middle School spiritwear.  Drivers will also receive treats each day, such as meal coupons, etc.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Kimberley Park Elementary Amber Baker Monday: Breakfast and lunch for drivers, Tuesday: Valentine cards and treats; Wednesday: notes of appreciation from students; Thursday: Coffee and doughnuts; Friday: Special recognition assembly
2/14/2012-2/15/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Konnoak Elementary Denise McCoy We will be providing love and gifts to our drivers.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Lewisville Elementary Cathey Cann Coffee and doughnuts will be provided to drivers.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Main Street Academy Robert Neal Bus drivers will be given doughnuts and juice as they drop off students in the morning (8:30am-9:15am)
2/15/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Meadowlark Elementary Shane O'Neal Students will prepare and distribute care bags and cards to drivers throughout the week
2/16/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Middle Fork Elementary Joanell Gatling Drivers will be recognized with a gift bag consisting of cups, breakfast, juice and other trinkets
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Mineral Springs Elementary Debra Gladstone Various activities are going on throughout the week.  Classes are participating in writing activities related to "love the bus".  Students will be signing a school bus banner.  Teachers are providing treats to drivers.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Mineral Springs Middle School Seth Cabonor TBD
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Moore Magnet Elementary Jeff Maglio Students will be highlighting bus driver recognition on the school's morning news report.  This will include bus safety education and tips included from the NC Bus Safety website.  Interesting facts about school bus travel in NC will be shared during these reports.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Morgan Elementary Mike Hayes Recognition will be given throughout the week.  Drivers will receive goodie bags and Valentine's cards.  The school marquee will also display a message of recognition.
2/15/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools North Forsyth High Brian Holt Safety First coolers, filled with surprises, will be distributed to all drivers.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools North Hills Elementary Scarlet Evans Drivers will receive biscuits, doughnuts and coffee.  Drivers will also be presented with treat bags and cards from the students.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Old Richmond Elementary Jannie Stewart Special bus safety/go green messages will be announced via PA system; Cards of appreciation will be distributed to drivers; Marquee will display "We love the bus and our bus drivers".
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Old Town Elementary Charlie Wall Sunshine letters will be distributed to each driver
2/10/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Paisley IB Magnet School Christie Brown Drivers will be served doughnuts and juice, and they will receive cards made by the students.
2/14/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Parkland Magnet High School Keith McKinnis Drivers to receive Valentine's Day cards and small gifts in appreciation of their service
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Petree Elementary Alesia Hilton Special treats for drivers each day.  Monday: Fruit basket; Tuesday: Snack bags; Wednesday: Letters from students and a meal; Thursday: Certificate and candy bar; Friday: Breakfast
2/14/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Philo Magnet Academy Deb Saladin Drivers will receive cards, candy/treats daily
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Piney Grove Elementary Tom Kleean Classes will review proper bus rules for all students.  Students will make cards and present to drivers.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools R.J. Reynolds High School David Small Drivers will be served breakfast treats and they will receive certificates of appreciation.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Rural Hall Elementary Diamond Cotton Monday: Drivers will receive fruit baskets; Tuesday: Drivers will receive Valentine's Day treats; Wednesday: Drivers will receive coffee mugs and tea/coffee/hot cocoa; Thursday: Drivers will receive fresh baked goods; Friday: Drivers will receive small treat containers filled with goodies
2/15/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Sedge Garden Elementary C. Graham Bus drivers will receive cards, notes and candy in appreciation.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Sherwood Forest Elementary Donna Mickens Bus drivers will receive notes of appreciation from students and breakfast provided by the PTA.  Treats will be provided daily to AM and PM bus drivers.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Southwest Elementary Debbie McIntyre 2/13 Bus Ambassadors present posters to each driver; 2/15 Breakfast provided to drivers; 2/17 Special delivery of cards, signs and posters made by each classroom; All week- Students will be cleaning out buses in the morning and afternoons, special morning announcements about each driver will be made, and "morning warm ups" with hot coffee and cocoa will be held in the lobby.
2/14/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Speas Elementary David Johnson Drivers will receive special homebaked goods
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools The Children's Center for the Physically Disabled Carol Kirby Personal notes from the principal will be hand-delivered to all drivers during the week.  Individual classrooms are planning thanks--banners, cards, etc.  Teacher assistants who load and unload our buses are planning to "celebrate" with thanks, songs, cheers, etc.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools The Kingswood School Marianna Nicholson Bus drivers will receive gift cards.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools The Special Children's School Kristine Drum Students are creating thank you cards for each bus driver and the bus loading area will be decorated with a banner of appreciation
2/16/2011 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Thomas Jefferson Middle School Stephen Kottenbrock Drivers will receive juice and doughnuts  along with meal gift cards.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Union Cross Academy Lisa Haywood Banners will be created and displayed, cards will be made, and drivers will be presented with treats.  Parents will also be reminded of the importance at the PTA meeting.
2/16/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Vienna Elementary Teresa Dees Cards and treats will be distributed to drivers.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Walkertown Elementary Kimberely Cloud School sign will express appreciation and snacks will be provided to drivers in AM and PM.
2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Walkertown Middle Larry Holland Drivers will receive breakfast bags during a.m. transport
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Whitaker Elementary Lindsay Swanson Students will be making cards and posters, and they will be writing letters, all in appreciation of their bus drivers.  This will be on-going throughout the week.
2/13/2012-2/17/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Wiley Middle School Leigh Walters The student leadership team will distribute cards and candy to drivers.
2/16/2012 Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools Winston-Salem Prepatory Academy R. Watts Homemade goods and cards will be distributed to each driver













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