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Used Vehicles for Sale - Buses & Trucks

For Sale - Used School Buses & Service Vehicles (updated weekly on Tuesdays by EOD)

Contact: The Transportation Department of the County Listing the Vehicle for Sale if Interested

School Buses
School Bus Models
State Contracts & Specifications
School Bus Equipment Pilot Procedures
Buses Submerged in Water
Bus Weight Chart (2010)
License Tags
I stop at RR - no turn on RED

12-15 Passenger Vans

Motor Coach Transportation for School Trips

Other Vehicles
Community Transportation Systems
Memo from DOT Public Transportation Division regarding contracts between LEAs and public / regional transit systems.
Freightliner Bus Task List (2005)
International VT365 Bus Task List (2005)
Bridges (Memo From Derek Graham, November 19, 2001)


IC Bus University

Thomas Built Learning Center

Business Systems Information Portal (BSIP)

Frequently Asked Questions (Buses Delivered in 2007)