2017 Event Listing for "Love the Bus"

For more information on Love the Bus 2017 in North Carolina, contact:

Derek Graham, Section Chief
Transportation Services
NC Dept. of Public Instruction
(919) 807-3571
Email: kevin.harrison@dpi.nc.gov

Event Date(s) County School Contact Person, Title Event Details
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Anson Lilesville Elementary School Maresa Dutton Phillips, Principal Bus drivers will receive special recognition daily to include breakfast, snacks, cards.  Banners and posters will be displayed around campus.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Asheboro  City Guy B. Teachey Elementary School Rhonda McHenery, Assistant Principal Daily candy or other treats
2/13 - 2/15 2017 Asheville City Schools Hall Fletcher Elementart Jan Thomas, Assistant Principal Lean bus safety, meet Buster the Bus and much more!
2/14/17 Brunswick Belville Elementary School Bryan Tunstall, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will receive breakfast and celebration.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Brunswick Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary Jane Browning, Asst Principal We will be giving our drivers small gifts each day as a sign of our appreciation.  Throughout the year, each month we recognize our drivers with a small gift to show how much we appreciate the miles and miles that they drive our students safely
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Brunswick Southport Elementary School Jamie Madren, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will receive small tokens of appreciation (cards, treats, snacks, flowers), etc.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Buncombe Barnardsville Elementary School Danna Grimes, Principal Bus drivers will receive recognition at the community assembly, treats, daily spotlight during morning announcements, showcased on the lobby door entrance, and a PTO sponsored lunch with the Principal.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Buncombe Sandhill-Venable Elementary Cindy Newman, Assistant Principal Events will occur throughout the week (highlight bus drivers during morning announcements, refreshments one afternoon, student letters, cards, Valentines to drivers).
2/13/17 Buncombe Weaverville Primary School Gardner Bridges, Principal Breakfast treats in the morning, drinks in the afternoon, and notes from students.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Buncombe Avery's Creek Elementary Terra Thompson, Asst Principal We are providing small gifts, cards for our drivers. A school board member rode the bus on Monday.
2/16/17 Carbarrus Weddington Hills Elementary Amy Peters, Assistant Principal Breakfast for drivers.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Carteret Bogue Sound Elementary Shannah Noris, Assistant Principal Daily events including breakfast, cards, coffee and goodie bags.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Catawba Balls Creek Elementary Allen Ramsey, Assistant Principal Each day drivers will get a different surprise of gifts, breakfast, cards, treats.
2/14 & 2/16 2017 Catawba Clyde Campbell Elementary Karen Gruber, Assistant Principal Students will make heart shaped notes to give to bus drivers.  Breakfast for bus drivers 2/16.  Bus garage employees will be severed rolls and coffee 2/14.
2/17/17 Chatham Benett Elementary School Dan Barnwell Bus driver appreciation breakfast for drivers.
2/15/17 Cleveland Casar Elementary School Dr. David Walker Drivers will be provided a catered breakfast, cards and gift bag of goodies.  Students and parents are reminded to say  ' thank you' throughout the week.
2/13/17 Cleveland Graham Elementary School Tandra Ramsey, Assistant Principal Catered lunch for drivers and transportation staff.  T-shirts for drivers and a "LTB" themed cake.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Columbus Tabor City Elementary School  Shonna Garrell, Assistant principal  Our school will honor our bus drivers for their hard work and dedication.  Students to give goodies, cards, etc. each day.   Friday, we will have a luncheon for our bus drivers.  Also  each bus driver with a uniquely designed bus driver t-shirt.
2/15/17 Craven Havelock Middle School Sherrill Moraven, Assistant Principal Banner, breakfast for AM drivers, snacks for PM drivers, article in local newspaper.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Cumberland Rockfish Elementary Timothy Gardner, Principal Bus drivers will be recognized with breakfast, snacks, candy, and cards from students.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Dare County Kitty Hawl Elementary Debbie Shepheard, Assistant Principal Drivers will receive Valentines and thank you notes, goodies bags and baskets.
2/13/17 Elkin  City Elkin Middle School Abby Kiser, Student Counsel Advisor Refreshment for drivers on 2/13.  Safety fact will be announced by student council member each morning.
2/17/17 Forsyth Caleb's Creek Elementary Amy Bland, Assistant Principal School to create gift bag of goodies for all drivers.  Mon - sweet treats, Tue - cards, Fri - gift bags.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Guildord Oak View Elementary Mary Kearns, Treasurer Thank you messages to bus drivers each day along with daily treats and gifts.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Guilford Southwest Elementary School Erica Phillips Goody Bags, Breakfast, Gift Cards
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Henderson Atkinson Elementary School Cindi Hipp, Administrative Assistant Drivers will receive breakfast, lunch, and treats each day during the week along with "Love the Bus" thank you notes from students.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Henderson Various Schools Molly McGowan Gorsuch Several schools, including Apple Valley Middle, Atkinson Elementary, Bruce Drysdale Elementary, Clear Creek Elementary, Dana
Elementary, Fletcher Elementary, Glenn C. Marlow Elementary, Hendersonville Middle, Mills River Elementary, Rugby Middle, and
Sugarloaf Elementary are treating their bus drivers to meals one or more days of next week, and Atkinson and Sugarloaf are
also hosting ice cream socials for their drivers.
1/0/00 Henderson Various Schools Molly McGowan Gorsuch At North Henderson High and Apple Valley Middle, teachers will be participating in “ride alongs” with bus drivers on afternoon
routes, to gain a greater appreciation for their peers and to improve relationships with students.
2/17/17 Iredell-Statesville Schools Celeste Henkel Elementary School Keeley Ward, Assistant Principal Drivers will be treated to a breakfast Friday morning.  Notes and treats for drivers throughout the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Iredell-Statesville Schools Coddle Creek Elementary Amy Johnson, Assistant Principal Each grade level has picked a day to love our bus drivers to include snacks, cards, posters, etc.
2/14/17 Iredell-Statesville Schools Harmony Elementary School Kathey H. Bess, Data Manager/Transportation Coordinator Drivers will enjoy breakfast along with various activities throughout the week.
2/14/17 Iredell-Statesville Schools Third Creek Elementary Peggy Johnson, PTO President Special breakfast will be served to our 20 bus drivers and more goodies from the schools assistant principal Mr. Robertson.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Archer Lodge Middle Chad Holloman,AP Serving biscuits at breakfast and pizza at lunch, T-shirts &Valentine Cards, Mugs and Candy Bags, Appreciation letters and snacks and drink. Each day they receive one of these special treats. 
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Benson Elementary/Middle Michelle Deyo, AP and Tracy Vannurden.AP Special Gifts each day- Bus Driver Poem/Book Mark, Hot chocolate pack with funny poem, Pizza for lunch , hand soap, candy bars, and a bus cake.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Clayton High School William Chapman, AP Monday- McDonald's Gift Card, Wednesday-Candy, Friday-Clayton High Tumbler
2/14/17 Johnston Cleveland Elementary  Igor Gorbatovski, AP The PTA will be serving breakfast to the drivers February 14th.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Cooper Elementary Aaron Firebaugh, AP Treats each day. Biscuits in the morning, special valentines day card and special treat on February 14th. 
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Corinth Holders Elementary Faita Batten,AP Monday- Special sweet treat with saying, Tuesday- Cards and Notes to drivers, Wednesday- Thank you letter with coupon from local fast food restaurant, Thursday- Biscuits/breakfast, Friday- Celebration with cake and coffee.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Corinth Holders High Robert Daniels, AP Special Treats each day with a special saying. Hand sanitizer, candy bags, biscuit and bottled water, snack bag & drink, Redbox movie rental code, and popcorn.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Four Oaks Elementary Michael Avery,AP Treats each day - Certificate, decorated clip board, big Hershey bar, candy assortments with cute thank you sayings such as, "We Love the Way you Roll".
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Johnston Four Oaks Elementary School Michael Avery, Assistant Principal Drivers will get a special gifts with cute sayings attached throughout the week.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston Glendale-Kenly Elementary Kelly Holland,AP Monday-Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Tuesday- Assortment of snacks/ bottled water, Wednesday-breakfast, Thursday- Hershey bar with bottled water and Friday- bus driver books and lunch from PTA. 
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston McGees Elementary Vicky Temple- Rains Teachers and students will be sending notes, cards and drawing pictures to give all the drivers. 
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Meadow Elementary/Middle Katherine Schott, AP Treats each day- School Bus Cake, Water Bottles and Granola Bags, Cocoa in mugs with a card that has a bus song, along with donuts shaped like wheels, Soap with a "we're in good hands with you" card and chapstick with a "You're the balm" Card.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston North Johnston High Eric Waters, AP Special sweet treats each day. 
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Pine Level Elementary Ashley Radford, AP Special treats each day with special sayings and surprise gift on Friday.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston Polenta Elementary Jennifer McClure,AP Monday-Bus Driver Poem/Penny attached, Tuesday- Special card for all, Wednesday- Sweet treats/candy, Thursday-Snack with Juice/Hot Chocolate, Friday- Banners on the Bus Lot for the drivers to see how much they are appreciated and loved. Drawing for special prizes each day for drivers.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston River Dell Elementary Tandra Batchelor-Mapp,AP Special treat each day, special cards for each driver, bulletin board honoring the drivers from the students and a hot breakfast February 16th at their safety meeting.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston Selma Elementary Brenda Stallings Monday- Hot chocolate with a poem, Tuesday- Bookmark with poem or special saying, Wednesday- Biscuits and juice, Thursday- Goodie bags, Friday- Notes/letters from students and staff.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston Selma Middle Kristin Williams, AP Life Skills classes making cards for the drivers and hanging them throughout the building.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston Smithfield Middle Darrick McNeill, AP Thank you cards to each driver, breakfast biscuits and snacks all during the week.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston South Smithfield Elementary  Cole Yarborough,AP Special treat each day with special saying. Hershey Kisses, Valentine cards from the students, gum packets, hot chocolate, bottled water.
2/13-2/17/17 Johnston Transportation Services Sharon Fogleman, Trans. Supervisor Special sucker with card and Thank you video on JCS website with Derek Graham, Superintendent, JCS Board Members, Administration and Transportation team presenting. Poem written by Dr. Peggy Smith, Board Member, to give to drivers from the JCS Board Members.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston West Clayton Elementary Deborah Johnston, AP Valentine treat bags each day, breakfast on 2/15, desserts on 2/17 and the Student Council is making appreciation cards for all the drivers. 
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston West Smithfield Elementary Tamara Barbour Special treat each day such as hand warmers, cake, m&m's,etc. We have also invited the School Board Members, Superintendent and Senior Cabinet to ride the bus with the students. Students are also making cards for each driver.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Johnston West Smithfield Elementary School Tamara Barbour, Assistant Principal Daily treats for drivers.
2/13/17-2/17/17 Johnston Wilson Mills Elementary Don Lee, AP Thank you cards , a special gift each day and a driver highlighted in special announcements each morning.
2/14/17 Johnston  West View Elementary Deborah McDuffie Giving a t-shirt to all the drivers that drive for West View Elementary.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Lenoir Northeast Elementary School Retenner Neal, Data Manager Drivers will receive a breakfast celebration, cards from students, and gift bags.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Lexington  City Pickett Elementary School Gina Spencer, Principal Bus drivers will receive small daily tokens of appreciation.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Martin County Schools EJ Hayes Elementary School Melissa Morlock, Assistant Principal Week long events to include gifts and goodies and breakfast for bus drivers.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Martin County Schools Rodgers Elementary School Rana Beach, Assistant Principal Daily events will include Valentine cards, snacks and goodies, and a breakfast for drivers on Friday.  The school will display a handmade "Love the Bus" banner throughout the week as well.
2/17/17 McDowell Eastfield Global Magnet School Michelle Baker, Principal Annual red carpet parade with cup cake reception to follow.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 McDowell West Marion Elementary Wendy Gaffigan, Counselor Drivers will receive cards from students, appreciation certificates, snacks and goodies throughout the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mecklenberg Croft Community School LaTresha Wilson, Dean of Students Breakfast for AM drivers, and snacks for PM drivers
2/16/17 Mecklenberg David Cox Road Elementary School Charles Copeland, Assistant Principal Week long review of safety facts, celebration 2/16 (breakfast, PM snack, gratitude cards).
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mecklenberg Garinger High School Lorenzo C. Johnson, Dean of Students 0
2/17/17 Mecklenberg JH Gunn Elementary School Mary Kelly, Assistant Principal Drivers will receive an AM breakfast and PM ice cream social.  Gift give-a-ways.
2/15/17 Mecklenberg Merry Oaks International Academy Tonya Spurill, Behavior Modification Technician Snacks, gift cards and thank you cards.
2/20 - 2/24 2017 Mecklenberg Meyers Park Traditional School Staci White, Assistant Principal Breakfast goods for AM drivers, snack bags for PM drivers.  Drivers to receive cards made by students. 
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mecklenberg Oaklawn Language Academy Kristi Trangsrud, Assistant Principal Each class to adopt a bus driver to receive  Valentine's or Thank You cards, cookies, doughnuts and coffee, and little sub sandwiches through the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mecklenberg Pinewood Elementary School Tasha Rodgers, PTA President Each day of the week will be filled with appreciation.  Drivers will receive light morning breakfast, Valentine cards from students, lunch served by students, and gifts and goodies throughout the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mount Airy B H Tharrington Primary School Olivia Byerly, Principal Students have created cards for drivers and they will receive them during the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mount Airy JJ Jones Elementary School Sherry Cox, Principal Bus drivers will receive an AM breakfast, PM cupcakes, cards and mini buses made by the Art Club.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mount Airy Mount Airy Middle School School Susan Bunch, Principal Drivers will be fed breakfast and receive cards and treat bags made by students.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Mount Airy School District Carrie Venable, Public Information Officer and Special Projects District administrators will deliver Chick-fil-A cookies to bus drivers.  Mount Airy City Schools Facebook will be doing individual posts of each bus driver and asking others to tweet us pics using
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Nash Edwards Middle School Tesha Dixon, Assistant Principal Drivers will be treated to breakfast, small gifts and notes from students throughout the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 New Hanover Anderson Elementary School Anastasia Brown, Teacher Bus drivers will be given treats each morning to recognize them for keeping children safe.
2/16/17 New Hanover Walter L. Parsley Elementary Robyn Avery, Music Teacher Musical performance and gift presentation.
2/14/17 New Hanover Williams Elementary Amy Oats, Principal Bus drivers will be given Valentines from students and staff, and a gift
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Onslow Silverdale Elementary Jamie Smith, Assistant Principal Special treats, banners and student cards.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Perquimans County Schools Hertford Grammar School Lynn Jordan, Guidance Counselor Daily events will include Breakfast for drivers, a "Love the Bus" certificate and Valentine chocolates, gift certificates sponsored by the PTA, Thank you/Appreciation cards gift bags. 
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Pitt Belvoir Elementary School Vicki Webb, Assistant Principal Drivers will be served breakfast on Monday and lunch on Thursday.  Treats and cards from students daily.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Pitt Elmhurst Elementary School Leigh Ann Swinson, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will receive recognition with daily goodies 
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Pitt Farmville Central High School Janice Moore, Assistant Principal Drivers will receive a variety of gifts and treats throughout the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Pitt G.R. Whitfield School Taylor Matkins, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will receive an appreciation breakfast, lunch, goodie bags, notes from the kids, and recognition during morning announcements.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Pitt Grifton Elementary School Deirdre Ingram, Administrative Assistant Bus drivers will be given cards and a gift baskets.  Students to have review of bus safety through out the week.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Pitt WH Robinson Elementary School Charlene Whedbee, Assistant Principal Daily events to include Valentine's treats, goodies, and gift cards.  Students will present drivers with poems and treats also.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Richmond Washington Street Elementaray School Jennifer Beck, Assistant Principal Students will present snacks, breakfast, gift cards to bus drivers through out the week.
2/14/17 Rowan Bostian Elementary School Michael Mobley, Assistant Principal Roll call of drivers and certificates given on news show; breakfast; Valentine cards from students.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Rowan China Grove Elementary Kristi Miracco, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will receive various treats, gifts, and cards from students throughout the week.  Breakfast provided by front office.
2/7 - 2/11 2017 Rowan  Ethan H. Shive Elementary School  Scotty W. Adcock, Assistant Principal Daily events to include assorted baked goods and coffee, coffee mugs and certificate for bus drivers.
2/17/17 Scotland North Laurinburg Elementary School Tasha DiLorenzo, Art Teacher Love the Bus Art Contest, Students will create a painting or drawing that includes a 'Love the Bus' theme.  The judging will occur on Feb. 13, 2017 and First, Second, and Third place winners announced on Feb. 15, 2017.  
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Scotland Sycamore Lane Elementary Kachina Singletary, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will celebrate with breakfast, cards, and tokens of love and appreciation from students and staff.
2/13/17 Transylvania County Schools TC Henderson School of Science & Technology Elizabeth Ballard, Art Teacher Drivers will receive handmade Valentines.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Union Marvin Elementary School Rebecca Piatko, Assiant Principal Week long activities including Valentine day cards, donuts and juice, and small gifts and treats.
2/17/17 Union Rea View Elementary Emily Culberson, Assistant Principal Students to create cards for the driver, banners, signs for the buses and provide a snack, etc.
2/13 - 2/17 2017 Union Shiloh Elementary School Jennifer Aldredge, Assistant Principal Bus drivers will receive breakfast delivered to them in the morning and cards from students in the afternoon.
2/17/17 Vance Zeb Vance Elementary Letitia G. Fields, Assistant Principal Bus driver appreciation lunch.
2/13 & 2/17 2017 Wake Brassfield Road Elementary David Wall, Assistant Principal Coffee and breakfast times during morning bus loop on 2/13.  Basket of treats and gift card on 2/17.
2/15/17 Wake Harris Creek Elementary School Joan Dorsey, Administrative Intern Breakfast, goodie baskets, and student to present cards to dedicated drivers.
2/14/17 Wilkes East Wilkes Middle School Litta Belk, Assistant Principal Drivers will have biscuits, drinks and receive gift bags from the student council.